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J-1 visa assistance (+Sponsor matching)

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Any university students or professionals 18 years or older may be eligible to apply for professional internships and traineeships.

J-1 internships are for students who are currently enrolled in university AND for students who have graduated from university less than 1 year ago. J-1 internship visas are valid for 1 year.

J-1 traineeships are for professionals who have graduated from university more than 1 year ago with a year of work experience AND for professionals who have 5 years of work experience but did not graduate from university. J-1 traineeship visas are valid for 18 months.

J-1 teaching visas are for teachers, and the J-1 visas are valid for up to 5 years.

J-1 work & travel visas are for full-time university students only, and the J-1 visas are valid for 3 to 6 months during summer and winter seasons.

For each J-1 intern/trainee/teacher/work & travel candidate, 
application process is as follows:

1. We review your resume. You inform us your intended start date and duration of
internship/traineeship, and any preferences of internship/traineeship/teaching/Work & Travel.
2. We revise your resume, interview them on Skype, and help improve your resume and
interview skill.
3. We match them with one or more companies in the United States -- We will personally talk to the hiring managers about them so that they will receive top priority and attention among hundreds of other applicants.

4. The companies will interview them either on Skype or by phone.

5. (Optional) After they pass the interview and accept the job offer, we will help them with your
J-1 visa process from start to finish.
6. (Optional) Before arriving in the United States, we will assist them in finding an
accommodation nearby your workplace.

For J-1 hospitality (hotels and restaurants) interns and trainees, the processing fee is
for both job placement and J-1 work visa is $4059.

J-2 Visa for Dependents (Spouses and children under 21 years of age)

J-2 dependent fee (includes DS 2019 issuance): $660 per J-2 visa
J-2 health insurance fee: $100 per month per J-2 visa

💶The suggested fees are:

1. Free of charge -- resume review
2. $545 (nonrefundable) -- resume revision, Skype interview, and improving your resume and
interview skill (we need to meet them in person or on Skype in order to represent them to the
potential employers)
3. $1,645 (refundable) -- company matching and interview (unlimited number of companies until
a successful match; we will personally talk to the hiring managers about them)
4. Free of charge -- job interviews
5. (Optional) $545 (refundable) -- assisting with J-1 visa process from start to finish (does not
include fee payments to J-1 visa sponsor and US embassy)
6. (Optional) $270 (refundable) -- assisting with accommodation search nearby your workplace
TOTAL = From $2190 to $3005.

If in the unlikely event that the candidate is not interviewed for an internship/traineeship through us within 6 months of payment for Step 3, we will refund the candidate 100%
of all payments that we have received for the refundable steps above.

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