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IT Tech Bachelor+ Visa Getter

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IT Tech Bachelor+ Visa Getter 


What you will receive: 

1. The largest and most trusted employment portal for foreign employees seeking their dream jobs in the USA

2. A list of portals where you could connect with American employers doing IT jobs for them 

3. We will refer you to up to 10 USA companies that sponsor H-1B visas.

4. A List of agencies that help with H-1B placements. 

5.  A List of recruiters who help with H-1B placements LinkedIn accounts
6.  A H-1B, J-1, and Green card Sponsors databases.

7.  A tool to help you identify H-1B employers on LinkedIn and Indeed.
8.  A tool to help you contact your national startup founders and recruiters in the USA.    

9.  CAP-Exempt organizations list. 
10.  A free resume check. 

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working hours 5 am - 4 pm EST