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H-1B and O-1 assistance (Sponsor matching)

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H-1B visa is for professionals who have a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree as well as a minimum of one year of full-time work experience.

O-1 visa is for extraordinary professionals such as professors, scientists, doctors, engineers,
architects, businesspersons, designers, writers, actors, models, singers, dancers, athletes, and

For each H-1B and O-1 candidate application process is as follows:

1. We review your resume. You inform us your intended start date and any preferences.
2. We revise your resume, interview you on Skype, and help improve your resume and
interview skill -- We need to meet you in person or on Skype in order to represent you to the potential employers.
3. We match you with one or more companies in the United States -- 
4. The companies will interview you either on Skype or by phone.
5. The company that hires them will sponsor your H-1B or O-1 visa.

💶 Fees: 

1. Free of charge -- resume review

2. $1495-- resume revision, Skype interview, and improving their resume and
interview skills (we need to meet them in person or on Skype in order to represent them to the
potential employers)

3. $1995 -- company matching and interview (unlimited number of companies

until a successful match; we will personally talk to the hiring managers about them)
4. Free of charge
5. Free of charge
TOTAL = $3490

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working hours 5 am - 4 pm EST