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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Pros and cons of living in Los Angeles

🎒 Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States after New York (3.9 million people). Many people dream of visiting this city for Disneyland, the behind-the-scenes of famous TV shows, and the possibility of meeting idols. Here, you can also sunbathe on a beach with clean, white sand and lounge in the ocean waves.


βž• Food. Los Angeles provides an opportunity to try all the cuisines of the world. Restaurants prepare dishes representing a certain country, which allows one to virtually visit their homeland, learn their taste preferences and traditions.

βž• Motivation. If a person is looking for a city where they can unleash their creative side, LA will be the best option. This is where major brands and companies are born, and where animated and live-action films that have achieved worldwide popularity are created.

βž• A culture of healthy living. There is a general obsession with spiritual development, giving up bad habits, preserving the environment, proper nutrition, and fitness.

βž• Climate. If a person is tired of cold weather, they will be pleased with the climate in LA. In the summer, the temperature stays around 30 degrees Celsius or higher during the day, and in winter, it rarely drops below +17.

βž• Celebrities. You have a chance to see them at Disneyland, on a farm with their children, or at Whole Foods in expensive neighborhoods. Moreover, you can always get into extras for filming.

βž• Affordable clothing. In stores for low-income populations, you will find Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and more. Sales here are also genuine.


βž– Crime. About 700 gangs operate on the streets, each with its own controlled territories marked with graffiti bearing corresponding symbols. Among them, Latin American groups stand out, controlling drug and arms trafficking, as well as illegal migration.

βž– Homelessness. The overall problem of the United States has affected LA as well. There are many homeless people here, and by walking along the Walk of Fame, for example, you can easily encounter someone relieving themselves on a star.

βž– Need for a car. Public transportation is not the best choice if you need to cover a long distance. It is so poorly developed that commutes last a very long time.

βž– Healthcare. Be prepared to pay around $10,000 yearly for health insurance. 

βž– Difficulties in finding employment. Even highly skilled individuals will have to put in effort to find work in their field. Some professions may require prior training, as educational programs may differ between countries.

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