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How to rent accommodation in the USA and avoid unpleasant situations?

How to rent accommodation in the USA and avoid unpleasant situations?

To rent housing in the USA, you will need:

✅ An account at an American bank, as well as a Credit Score (creditworthiness assessment).

✅ SSN (Social Security Number, even without work authorization).

✅ Bank statement (account statement from a bank).

✅ A co-signer may be required, someone familiar who has documents in the USA, works, and is willing to vouch for you.

Platforms where you can find housing:






However, the most reliable method is to visit the leasing office of the desired residential complex and inquire on-site.

Be cautious! There are many different scams!

The most common one is when they ask for a deposit or payment for several months in advance without signing any documents. Sometimes they may even allow you to enter the house after payment. After a few hours, the police show up, and it turns out that the house is being sold and anyone can enter it, and it cannot be rented.

Check reviews!

Engage with local community groups in your city or state - they will always help with advice.

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