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🏙️ How much it costs to live in New York

🍽 Food

Milk 1 liter - $1.30

White bread 0.5 kg - $4.33

Rice 1 kg - $8.13

Eggs 12 pieces - $5.53

Local cheese 1 kg - $17.78

Chicken fillet 1 kg - $16.32

Apples 1 kg - $5.87

Tomatoes 1 kg - $6.20

Bottled water 1.5 liters - $2.50

☕️ Restaurants

Standard cappuccino - $5.34

McDonald's combo meal - $12.00

Meal for one person in a restaurant - $25.00

🚗 Transportation

Public transport ticket (1 piece) - $2.75

Monthly pass - $129.00

⚡️ Utilities

Basic utilities (electricity, heating, water, garbage) for a 85 sqm apartment - $166.29

Internet (60 Mbps or more, unlimited data, cable/ADSL) - $71.66

🏋️‍♀️ Sports and leisure

Monthly fitness club membership for one adult - $110.75

Cinema ticket (1 seat) - $18.00

🤱 Children

Private daycare or preschool (full day) per month for 1 child - $2,483.75

Private primary school per year for 1 child - $40,818.18

👕 Clothing and footwear

Jeans (1 pair) - $67.33

Summer dress (1 piece) - $56.00

Sneakers (1 pair) - $96.91

Men's leather business shoes (1 pair) - $157.59

🏠 Rent

One-bedroom apartment (city center) - $3,825.56

One-bedroom apartment (outskirts) - $2,495.55

💲 Finance

Average monthly salary - $6,258.02

Mortgage interest rate (%), per year, fixed rate for 20 years - 5.65

‼️ The prices mentioned are median prices. Prices may vary depending on the city and region. Additionally, the price of the same item may be higher or lower in different stores

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