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🇺🇸 Green Card Lottery Statistics - 2023

🇺🇸 Green Card Lottery Statistics - 2023

The results of the annual American Green Card lottery have been published on the website of one of the intermediary companies (https://www.usgreencardoffice.com/winners/DV-2023).

So, to the numbers:

🔹 More than 7 million applications were submitted in total;

🔹 Less than 2% of applicants were granted the right to obtain a Green Card, namely 119,262 people;

🔹 Egyptians won the most Green Cards, with 5,529 approved applications.

🔹 Algeria ranked second with 5,526 approved applications;

🔹 Uzbekistan ranked third with 5,511 applications approved;

🔹 Iran came in fourth with 5,506 approved applications.

🔹 Russia ranks first in Europe and fifth in the world. The right to immigrate was granted to 5,505 Russians.

🔹 Ukrainians won 3,808 Green Cards.

Applications for the 2024 lottery will be accepted this fall.

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