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How to confirm your address in the USA?


Address confirmation can be done with a document from the list below:

🔸️ Copy of a lease agreement

🔸️ Utility bill

🔸️ Tax invoice

🔸️ Bank statement or account

🔸️ Letter of employment

🔸️ Phone bill in paper format

🔸️ Letter from the Social Security Office

🔸️ Letter from USCIS

🔸️ Letter from the company insuring your vehicle

If you live with someone who is already residing in the USA, they can confirm your address. To do this, they need to take a document from the list, go to a bank employee, and request notarization of a document stating that you live with this person at that address.

Remember! A mailbox is not a physical address. Personal letters, marketplace packages, and similar items are not documents that confirm your address.

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